Questions and answers regarding the grant of grace periods in relation to COVID-19 | Luminor
Who will be granted a grace period?

We grant grace periods to private and corporate customers alike in the case of temporary payment difficulties caused by the present situation. Clients can request grace periods on the condition that they have no current or earlier significant arrears in the last 12 months. We will make the final decision during the review of requests for grace periods.

Which documents must be submitted with the request for a grace period? What are documents that evidence payment difficulties?

Private customers: To process your application for a grace period, please fill out the application (file in Latvian) on our website, sign it and e-mail it to We will ask you to provide any missing information later if necessary.

Corporate customers: To process your application for a grace period, please fill out the application (file in Latvian) on our website, sign it electronically, attach your company’s financial statements (2019 annual report, balance sheet and income statement for the current year, which are not older than two months) and e-mail documents to

We are entitled to request additional documents in accordance with applicable regulations.

How long can the grace period be?

Private customers
Luminor joins the moratorium developed by the Finance Latvia Association providing for the possibility to defer payments of mortgage principal for up to 12 months, while payments of leasing or consumer loan principal for up to six months for those bank customers who are experiencing short-term financial difficulties caused by COVID‑19. In accordance with this moratorium, both individuals who have already been granted payment holidays and those who still require them will be able to apply for a one-time deferral of payments before 30 June.
Important to know: 

  • deferred payment of loan principal or payment holidays in accordance with the principles of the moratorium can be applied only once, and the customer must apply by 30 June 2020;
  • the application is reviewed free of charge;
  • To apply for payment holidays, fill in the request form on our website, sign it and send it to e-mail address:

Business customers
The period of leasing payment holiday related to COVID-19 circumstances may differ for each customer, as it is affected both by the leasing object and by various external conditions. We have joined the moratorium developed by the Finance Latvia Association, providing the possibility for companies (legal persons and other performers of economic activity who are not self-employed) facing financial difficulties due to Covid-19 to defer payments on loan or leasing principal up to 6 months.
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Will my lease contract extend by the grace period?

Private customers: The possibility to extend the lease period by the length of the grace period depends on the contract type and will be reviewed separately in each case.

Corporate customers: We will take the client’s requests to extend the lease contract into account as much as possible under the terms and conditions of the contract.

Will the interest rate of an amended lease contract remain the same?

Private customers: Yes, it will remain the same.

Corporate customers: In the case of corporate clients, the amendment or non-amendment of the interest rate depends on number of aspects and would be decided individually.

Service fee for contract amendment

Private individuals: Considering the current circumstances, commission fee is not applied for private individuals experiencing a drop in income as a result of the emergency situation related to COVID-19.

Business customers: Considering the current circumstances, for business customers experiencing a drop in income as a result of the emergency situation related to COVID-19, upon evaluation of each customer’s individual situation, commission fee may be applied in individual cases.

Can I extend the contract period and reduce the monthly payment?

Private and corporate customers: It may be possible.The final decisions depend on the specific situation – the customer and the leased property. Please send us the necessary documents (see question and answer number 2), so we can review your request, offer a solution and inform you about it.