Remote channels | Luminor

Time is the most valuable asset. We value Your time here in Luminor and You can take care of most of Your banking needs whenever You want – and the best thing – You can be anywhere in the world.

24/7 Customer Support

It is important to keep your banking things in order. It can be easily done through our Customer Support, who is there 24/7. Just dial 1880 or +371 67 17 1880 (call cost may vary by network provider). Luminor 24/7 Customer Support helps you to solve your everyday questions easily. You can also book longer consultation times, to make sure that your banking needs are covered. A wide array of transactions can also be completed over the phone – however you will need to identify yourself.


Nowadays, more and more customers are choosing to chat, so for your convenience we offer a chat on our website (from 8 AM to 8 PM daily) and in the WhatsApp app on +371 20 392 392 (from 9 AM to 8 PM daily). Chat is a very convenient way to quickly find out information about your nearest ATM, commissions and other questions. However, this is an unidentified channel and we will not be able to disclose sensitive information.

Written requests

Sometimes it is good to put things down on paper, or in a e-mail. We are happily waiting Your letters as well. Our friendly customer service team is helping You to get answers to Your questions or daily problems. We will provide You with quick answers and offer great solutions. Although e-mail is a very common way of communicating, we recommend You to write to us through the internetbank, as then the data moves through secure and identified channels.

Online meetings

Online meetings are the most convenient way to solve Your banking needs, because the time and place can be chosen by You! Luminor Online offers consultations on working days from 09-20 for private customers and for our corporate customers, we are there from 09-17 on working days. You can easily book the specific time through our 24/7 Customer Support or with Your adviser directly. You can also participate in an Online consultation even if You are not Luminor customer yet. You just need a device with internet connection and a microphone.

Become a customer remotely