Investments | Luminor

Would you like to invest smaller or larger amounts? We understand that each investor’s situation is specific, and that they have different needs and risk tolerance; therefore, we offer a broad selection of investment services.


Investment funds

Luminor investment funds invest in shares of carefully selected companies all over the world. These funds are suitable for investors aiming for higher return, hence capable of taking a high risk and preserving the investments for a long time.

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Fixed or variable coupon debt securities issued by sovereigns and companies.

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Fund portfolio

A good result requires a well put together diverse investment portfolio.

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Brokerage services

Bank offers its clients brokerage and securities custody services.

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Information for investors

Important information for the customers using investment services.

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Luminor Trade

Information is dedicated for existing customers. The service is not being provided to new customers.


All investments carry some degree of risk. Detailed information on the investment services provided by Luminor, the terms of their provision, rates, and a description of investment-related risks are provided here.