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Investment helps with fulfilling long-term financial goals and collecting wealth. To achieve a good result, it is necessary to put together a suitable diversified investment portfolio. Our fund portfolio is a simple and convenient option to make well-considered and professional investments.


Follow these steps


Find a suitable strategy

Find a suitable strategy with investment consultation or an interactive questionnaire in Internet bank


Read the products' terms and conditions

Read the products' terms and conditions and risks


Buy a suitable portfolio

Buy a suitable portfolio with the help of a Consultant in a bank office or independently in Internet bank.

Invest smart – think of your future

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The value of an investment portfolio may rise or fall dependent of developments on global financial markets affected by a number of risk factors. An investor may lose invested capital partly or fully. This is not an offer but a recommendation to come to investment consultation. Make the decision to invest with an experienced Consultant. Before concluding an agreement, always read the corresponding product's terms and conditions.