What is the PIN code of my new card?

If your card has expired and you have received an automatically renewed card, PIN code is not changed - it is the same as with your previous card. 

In other situations, when a new card is issued, you will see your PIN card, when you activate your card. This may be done in the full version of Internet bank go to the section Accounts and cards - My cards and select the card you wish to activate.  Then press “Activate and get PIN". Follow the on-screen instructions in the pop-up window.    

What should I do if I have forgotten the PIN code of my new card?

You can apply for a PIN code reminder at the full version of Internet bank under the section Accounts and cards - My cards, by clicking on “Renew PIN”.  
You can view your PIN code reminder in your Internet bank:

  • On business days after 16.00, if you submit your application until 13.00; 
  • Next business day after 16.00, if the application was submitted after 13.00. 

Commission fee for a PIN code reminder is EUR 1.00.  

Why doesn’t the ATM return my card?

If you enter a wrong PIN code three times in a row, ATM retains your card and does not return it any more.  Thus you have to apply for a new card. Go to the full version of your Internet bank under the section Accounts and cards - My cards, where you will see your blocked card.  Then press “Replace a card".

What is the limit of my payment card for the purchases and withdrawal of cash?

The limit for purchases and withdrawal of cash for all VISA cards per day is EUR 5 000.00 (or equivalent in other currency) and the limit within a period of 30 days is EUR 20 000.00 (or equivalent in other currency).

Due to security reasons the limit for cash withdrawal from ATMs, equipped with the technology for reading magnetic line us EUR 350.00 per day. 

Limit for cash withdrawal at a trader at one purchase time – EUR 100.00.

What should I do when my card is going to expire?

We will renew your card automatically if you have used it during the last three months and it has a remark for a renewal. You can check this in the Internet bank under Accounts and cards - My cards - renewal of the card.  

At least one month prior to the expiry date of the card we advise you to check if you have indicated the right delivery address in the Internet bank under Accounts and Cards - My cards.
We prepare the replacement card until the 15th day of the month and send it to the address indicated by our customer.
Card delivery costs:

  • via mail in the territory of Latvia – free of charge;
  • via mail to foreign countries – EUR 10.00;
  • at the Customer service centre – EUR 10.00.

When he card is renewed, the PIN code of the previous card remains unchanged. 

What should I do in a situation when someone has made a purchase with my card, but I am not informed of that? Or even if I recognize the purchase, I haven’t received the item or service?

In the event of malicious deal you should immediately block the card in your internet bank or via chat on our website.

Afterwards please report a claim:

  • in the Luminor|DNB internet bank`s section Notifications / New applications / Application from the templates / Claim regarding a card transaction / Claim
  • or in Customer Service Center

In case the internet bank is not available, please call our 24/7 informative hot line at 1880 or +371 67 17 1880 (call cost may vary by network provider).

What should I do if I cannot make purchases in the Internet?

Please check if the function for the purchases in the Internet is activated in the section of Internet bank Accounts and cards - My Cards - Internet purchases (Allow/ Don’t allow). 
Also make sure there are enough funds for the transaction on your account. 

If the balance is satisfactory and the purchases in the Internet are allowed, please call our informative hot line at 1880 or +371 67 17 1880 if you are abroad to verify the reason for the rejection.

What is the commission fee for the purchases with a card if the transaction was executed in another currency than the card account currency?

A commission in the amount of 3% is applied to such transaction and it is added to the currency exchange rate.

Please note that currency exchange takes place in accordance with the currency exchange rate, which is valid on the moment when the financial services provider processes the transaction.

What is the commission for the cash transactions with Visa Debit card?

Cash withdrawals with Visa Debit card:

  • For cash withdrawals up to EUR 600.00 within a calendar month at Luminor ATMs in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia – no commission fee, but from the amount above EUR 600.00, the commission fee in the amount of 0.2% is applied.  
  • In other banks, ATMs of other banks – 2% from the transaction, min. EUR 3.50 / USD 4.00 (if the currency of the transaction differs from the card account currency, extra 3% is charged in addition to the exchange rate).

Cash deposits with a card to one’s own accounts at Luminor ATMs in Latvia up to EUR 2 000.00 within a calendar month is free of charge.  However, if the amount is above EUR 2 000.00, a commission of 0.2% is applied. 

How can I enable/ disable TXT messages on the transactions on my card account?

Go to Internet bank section Accounts and cards - My cards - TXT messages - Revise/ Change.  By opening this section you can also select the preferred TXT settings.

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