The following information and functions in an easily understandable form must be made available to the customer of the Merchant (“Client”):

1. Prior to the payment checkout: information on the physical location of Merchant’s sales point or legal address of the Merchant if there is no physical sales point maintained by the Merchant.

2. Contact information of the Merchant (postal address, email address, phone number in international format).

3. Terms and conditions for delivery of goods / services, including policy for delivery of multiple shipments.

4. Return/refund and cancellation policy.

5. Personal data processing policy (Privacy Policy).

6. Information indicated in points 3 and 4 must be made available to the Client during the order process and the Merchant must provide to the Client an option to actively* acknowledge the information (e.g. checkbox, “click to accept” or similar):
a. on the checkout screen used to present the final transaction amount;
b. on the web pages the Client accesses before final checkout.
* Not solely a link to a separate page.

7. If the goods / services are not available at time of the Transaction, the Merchant must inform the Client and obtain the Client’s active agreement to a delayed delivery (specifying the anticipated delivery date) before proceeding with the Transaction.

8. The Merchant must advise the Client if the goods / services ordered will not be delivered within the time frame originally disclosed to and agreed with the Client. The Client must be notified of the new anticipated delivery timeframe and given an opportunity to cancel the Transaction.

9. Transaction receipt must be available to the Client for at least 120 calendar days after the Transaction processing date.

10. Transaction receipt must be provided in a static format that cannot be manipulated after it has been created.

11. The information provided in any email acknowledging the Client’s order must contain all the following:
a. If a link to a website and/or application is provided:

b. Instructions to enable the Client to obtain the Transaction receipt if the Client does not receive it;
c. in the title of the delivered message:

12. If Online Card Acquiring Service is enabled to the Merchant, Visa and Mastercard brand marks should be present on Merchant`s webpage to indicate card acceptance.

If Online Card Acquiring Service as Payment collection service enabled to Merchant, Merchant should undertake to acquaint himself with and comply with other rules and requirements set to e-commerce by VISA and Mastercard.