All loan products
Agreement is signed electronically and application was sent using e-channelsAgreement and/or application is signed physically in a paper way
Agreement fee1% of the loan amount, min. €1501% of the loan amount, min. €250
Agreement amendment fee1% of the loan amount, min. €1501% of the loan amount, min. €250
Early loan repayment (if the contract concluded with the Customer does not specify another amount)Starting at 2% of the repayment amount, min. €500
Services provided by the Bank (incl. establishment of pledges) (1)On agreed basis, min. €45 per each
Issuing of bank consents, approvals and statements upon Customer's request (2)On agreed basis, min. €45 per each

Fees for corporate customers are set on and individual basis and based on mutual agreement between the Customer and the Bank.
(1) If the Bank’s consent is subject to notarisation, in addition to the fee the Customer shall cover any legal fees, incl. cost of notary services.
(2) Consents, approvals and statements are prepared within 10 working days.

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