How to log into Luminor|DNB internet bank for the first time? | Luminor

If you have no Smart-ID account:


To log into Luminor|DNB internet bank:

1. Open the internet-bank section on Luminor homepage and choose Luminor|DNB.

2. Enter your current internet bank customer number as your login (or a new internet bank customer number, if we have already sent it to you) and click “continue”.

3. Choose Smart-ID and click “enter”.

4. When you see the message “To confirm your first Smart-ID logging, you will be redirected to the internet bank application page”, click “continue”.

5. When Luminor|Nordea e-identification page opens, enter your existing customer number and choose your current authentication tool (code application or code calculator) and click “confirm”.

6. When a page with your data and additional information is open, click “confirm”.

7. After all these steps are completed, your new Luminor|DNB internet bank will open.