Luminor Black

Luminor Black spring offer

Luminor Black spring offer

  • Apply for Luminor Black and receive purchase insurance with twice as long period for every item during the first year (365 days instead of standard 180 days) (1)
  • Luminor Black package EUR 0 per month during the first three months, then EUR 5.50 per month (2)
  • The all-in-one contactless debit and credit card is made for those who love to travel and explore
(1) Offer is valid for newly activated Luminor Black package with ordered Luminor Black card from 20 March to 2 April 2023. Each purchase, subject to purchase insurance, made within one year with the card ordered during the campaign period will be insured for 365 days. 
Luminor purchase insurance is provided by Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ADB Latvia Branch, reg. no. 40103942087, Vienības gatve 87H, Riga. 
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(2) Offer valid until 31 December 2023 or until revoked. The first free calendar month is the month when the package is activated.

Enjoy your travels

The card comes with travel insurance for you and your family* – both at home and abroad

Feel safer shopping

Free 180-day purchase insurance that covers repair or reimbursement (terms and conditions apply)

Be ready for anything

You get an optional credit limit without overpayment 0% interest rate for up to 45 days

Get funds when needed

Free EUR transfers and free cash out within the limit from Luminor and other banks ATMs worldwide

Manage features online

Activate/disable the card and contactless and online payments, add Safety+, Priority Pass, and more

Here’s to safe trips and memorable experiences 

Built-in travel insurance for you and your family*

Adventures await – in Latvia and abroad. Go on trips to new cities, countries, continents, and enjoy the safety of always having insurance on you.

Powered by Visa and accepted worldwide – Luminor Black is the sleek, contactless card bound to become your everyday essential.

*Children (students up to the age of 24), spouse or cohabiting partner (1+ year of joint household) travelling together with the card holder.


Explore travel insurance

Sleek, contactless, customisable

Discover add-ons that complement your lifestyle

Like all our cards, you can add your Luminor Black to your digital wallet.

Luminor Black comes with an optional credit limit starting from € 600 with an interest free period of up to 45 days.

You can also get the Safety+ insurance service for € 0.79 per month as extra security in case of card theft and certain types of fraudulent payments.

For more relaxing, enjoyable travels, discover the Priority Pass membership offer.

The Luminor Black card is valid for 5 years – less hassle and less plastic.

Feel more confident about bigger purchases

Free 180-day purchase insurance

Dropped your phone the day after buying it? Saw your kid break their brand-new bike? These things happen – and with the free Luminor Black purchase insurance, they can be reversed.

The purchase insurance applies to most goods bought for long-term use, including electronics, furniture, sports gear, and tools.

Explore purchase insurance

Already our customer? Order your card remotely

Submit an application in your internet bank under Accounts and cards / My cards

Activate the Luminor Black package in the internet bank under Packages

Get your card in the mail – activate it in your internet bank under My cards

Become a customer

New to Luminor? Welcome! Join Luminor remotely or call +371 67 17 1880 to book an appointment in person.

Cash transactions

Cash deposit Cash-out at a Luminor ATM Cash-out at other ATMs
Free up to € 1200 per calendar month Free up to € 1200 per calendar month Free up to € 400 per calendar month*
2% of a sum exceeding € 1200 (min. € 3.50) 2% of a sum exceeding € 1200 (min. € 3.50) 2% of a sum exceeding € 400 (min. € 3.50)

*Certain ATMs abroad may impose an ATM fee, notifying about it on the ATM screen. To withdraw money without a commission fee, please use another ATM network.
See our price list for more information.

Standard limits for cash and purchase transactions

Daily cash-out limit € Purchase limit per day (including online) € Monthly cash-out limit €
5 000 5 000* 20 000

*offline transactions not included in the limit.
If you’d like to change your cash-out and payment limits, send us an internet bank message or call us at +371 67 17 1880. The fees for changing limits are listed in our price list. There’s no fee if the limits are changed to the standard or amounts below the standard.

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