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We care about the wellbeing of our customers, companies and society. We understand and listen to anyone who is experiencing financial difficulties in this changing time and together we are looking for solutions. You can also help someone by buying local products, while we have created a new online payment tool to support local businesses. It’s completely free until the end of August.

We support locals.

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Keep using our services remotely.
If you are facing financial difficulties, apply for a grace period.
Expand your digital capabilities – get Smart-ID Qualified Electronic Signature (QES).
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Collect all payments from customer in one account with E‑Commerce Gateway
If you are facing financial difficulties, contact us about the opportunity to defer your business loan.
Apply for a loan for your business support.

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This is the time for learning and sharing with a gained knowledge. Find out expert`s opinion and suggestions.

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Smart‑ID Qualified Electronic Signature

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