What is the fee for visiting a VIP lounge?

Fee for one person's visit to the airport VIP lounges (within the Priority Pass program) according to the Luminor price list. New Priority Pass cards are issued to Private Banking customers together with Luminor Visa Infinite payment card as well as to Visa Business credit card customers. Luminor Visa Infinite cardholders can visit the lounges 3 times in one year free of charge. Starting from the fourth visit, the fee for staying in the VIP lounge is € 28.00.

Visa Business (as well as existing Visa Gold credit card users) pay € 28.00 for each visit.

Can I enter the VIP lounge area without my Priority Pass membership card, presenting only the credit card supporting the receipt of the Priority Pass card?

Access to the VIP lounge is only possible upon presentation of a valid Priority Pass membership card.

Can someone else use my Priority Pass membership card to enter the lounge area?

No. Priority Pass membership card is not transferable. Before entering the VIP lounge, staff will check that the name on the card matches the information on the boarding pass.

What happens if my Priority Pass membership card is stolen or lost?

In case your Priority Pass card is lost, stolen or damaged, please contact us immediately by phone +371 67 17 1880 (from abroad).

May I bring guests to the VIP lounge using my membership card?

You can invite guests to join the lounge area. Most VIP lounges do not have a guest limit. If the guest number is limited - it will be indicated in the Priority Pass app or on the website. Guests are charged according to the Luminor price list →. To confirm the number of guests entering the VIP lounge, you will be asked to sign on a digital screen or in a printed document. Before signing, make sure that all the information provided is accurate. If you find any errors, inform the staff before entering the lounge area.

May I visit the VIP lounge with children?

Many lounges allow this. Children are charged according to the Luminor price list. Restrictions, if any, in the VIP lounge will appear in the list of lounge areas, which can be viewed using the lounge area search function on the Priority Pass website or app.

Where can I find information about VIP lounge?

Information about all VIP lounges currently included in our program can be found on the website Airport Lounges - Over 1,300 Lounges Worldwide | Priority Pass or by downloading the Priority Pass mobile app.

How to log in to the Priority Pass website?

Enter section Activate Your Account | Priority Pass on prioritypass.com, to create an online account. After creating an online account, you can use the website to view the VIP lounges you visit, update personal information in your account and choose the preferred means of communication.

How many times a year may I visit Priority Pass lounge?

With this card you will be able to visit Priority Pass lounge an unlimited number of times. Luminor Visa Infinite credit card users can enjoy 3 free visits per calendar year.

What are advantages of Priority Pass card?

  • Access to more than 1,300 airport lounges worldwide
  • Free pre-flight drinks and meals 
  • Opportunity to work and relax undisturbed 
  • Free Wi-Fi in the lounge areas 
  • Latest magazines and newspapers
  • You can easily charge your mobile phone, PC and other devices
  • Conference rooms, showers and spa facilities are also available in the lounge areas at an additional cost