Let your piggy bank have a holiday

Apply for a term deposit and get the interest of 1.5 % p.a.
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*Offer is valid until 26.05.2019 for private customers’ deposits in Internet-bank in EUR, subject to the maturity of 5 years and the amount between EUR 100 and 100,000

Be free! 
Choose Smart‑ID

Use Smart-ID and win smartphone every week

Registration period: 07.05.-22.09.2019.

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Don’t get burnt!

Choose a sensible loan for your home renovation or improvement of up to EUR 12,000
Only till 31.05.2019 – execution fee of € 0

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Save time.
Do it yourself.

Use our services at any convenient place and time
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Why take half, when you can have it all?

- accumulate 3rd pillar pension
- enjoy all the benefits now

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Luminor is ready to move the customers’ data to a unified system

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And where you will live?

Loan for home purchase for young specialists with Altum warranty up to 95 % of property value


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