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Loan for home building

Want to build your own house? We will assist you in making your dream come true and turn your plans into actions.

Assess the benefits 

* When applying for the loan with ALTUM housing guarantee 



Find out your loan options and the expected building costs

To find out the loan options use the calculator or visit the our Construction Funding Centre to get a consultation.


Choose the house design and obtain the construction permit

  • Certified architect will assist you in development and coordination of the detail design
  • Obtain the building permit from the building authority of the respective municipality or town (city)
  • Delegate the development and coordination of the construction design to our cooperation partners 


Fill out the application and submit the required documents

  • Apply here and we will contact you during the day
  • The application can also be filled in our Construction Funding Centre


See our proposal and executethe required documents

  • It will list the principal lending terms and conditions we definitely can find an agreement on
  • Sign the loan agreement with the Bank


Get insurance against various troubles

  • Take care about the protection of your family by choosing the borrower’s life insurance
  • Protect your dwelling by executing the dwelling insurance


Carry out the pledge registration

  • Submit and obtain documents to/from the Land Register office on the purchase of dwelling and the pledge registration
  • We are always ready to assist in preparation of the required documents within the framework

Necessary documents

  • Loan application
  • Passport or eID card
  • Account overview for the last 6 months (if you are not our client)
  • Building permit, calculation, technical plan
  • Real estate price estimate

We will assist you in fulfilling your dream about a new home!

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