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A home loan with ALTUM housing guarantee comes with a smaller initial downpayment and makes buying, building or renovationg your dream home affordable and convenient. ALTUM housing guarantee can be used by a families or a young specialists.

€0 agreement fee:

For families with children

  • for home purchase, construction or repair costs up to €200 000
  • with children up to and including 23 years of age

For new specialists

  • young professionals under the age of 35 
  • complete upper secondary vocational or higher education 

Offer is valid, submitting application from 01.12.2019 till 31.03.2020.

Compare the costs and find out which loan is more suitable for your home

How to purchase home with state guarantee?


Find out your loan options

Use the calculator or apply for consulation


Fill out the application

Fill out the application and get consultation on your loan options
After submitting all the necessary documents, you will receive a loan offer


Execute the required documents

  • Sign the loan agreement and arrange real estate insurance
  • Take care about the protection of your family by choosing the borrowe’s life insurance


Receive a loan

Submit documents to the Land Register office on the purchase of dwelling and the pledge registration
After the registration of documents, we will transfer the money for home purchase  

Necessary documents

  • Your pasport or eID card + birth certificate for every child below the age of 18
  • Proof of declared address of the credit recipient and his/her children (The statement can be downloaded from, if you register via our Internet Banking, or can be issued at any Citizenship and Migration Department (PMLP) or municipal department at the declared address of the credit recipient.)
  • State Revenue Service (SRS) report about dependents, if in their birth certificate the credit recipient is not stated as one of the parents
  • Account overview for the last 6 months (if you are not our client)
  • Appraisal of the real-estate property serving as a security deposit

State guaranteed loans offer great advantages!

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