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Leave the Golden Fish for fairy tales

Opt for any of our 3 saving programs and make your dreams come true

Choose saving programs:

Savings Account

  • Open a separate account for your goal
  • Make contributions whenever you want
  • Get interest rates for your savings

Create in the internet bank: Deposits and Investments > Deposits > Open new savings account

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Term deposit

  • Fixed interest for the entire period
  • The number of deposits is unlimited
  • Execute through the Internet-bank

Create in the internet bank: Savings & Investments > Deposits > Open term deposit


III Pillar Pension

  • Make contributions whenever you want
  • Get tax return
  • Receive saved funds when you’ll be 55 years old

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Important! Deposit Guarantee Law of Republic of Estonia provides guaranteed compensation in amount of deposit, but not more than 100 000 EUR in case of unavailability of deposits per depositor. More information is available in Background information on the protection of the state-guaranteed deposits.
Luminor 3rd pillar pension plans are administered by Latvijas atklātais pensiju fonds, reg. No. 40103331798, Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 62, Riga, LV-1013, and is managed by Luminor Asset Management IPAS, Skanstes iela 12, Rīga, LV-1013. The custodian bank is Luminor Bank AS Latvian branch.
Before choosing the specific pension plan you should consider the following risks:
- the more investments thereunder are being made into stocks and other instruments comparable to them the more risk of income fluctuation this entails (both to positive and negative direction);
- historical income results generated by specific pension plans do not guarantee the same results in the future;
- choose the pension plan with active investment strategy only if you understand the risks it entails and can financially bear them;
- the closer you are to the retirement age the more conservative pension plan would be the best option for you.