What does it mean?

Two banking systems merged into one. As a next step we need to move our data to unified platform - that means leaving legacy systems and moving all customers’ data to one system.

How does it affect you?

After successful migration of your data – we will let you know the exact date in a separate letter:

Here is how you should prepare!

2 months before

2 months before

Update your contact information.
Please check from internetbank that we have your correct address and other contact information.
Check your e-mail or internetbank.
We’ll send you information about migration date and how it affects you.

2-3 weeks before

2-3 weeks before

You’ll receive your new card.
Put it in your wallet so that it is available to you after the night of the data migration. Until then you can’t use your new card.
Activate your Smart-ID and Luminor|DNB internetbank.

Night before

Night before

Make payments in advance and take out some cash if needed.
Due to migration, there will be interruptions with cards and internetbank at the night of migration.

After the migration day

After the migration day

Use your new card.
Use Luminor|DNB internetbank with SmartID.
Inform your employer and counterparts about the new account number.

Detailed list of changes

Current accounts and savings accounts

The first eight symbols of each number of your account or several accounts containing letters “NDEA” will be changed.

  • We will send the new account numbers to you about three weeks before you the migration of your data, and they are availble also on Luminor|DNB internet bank.

  • When you have received new account number, please inform your employer, social security agency and other partners, from whom you receive income about these changes.

  • Please note that you will only be able to receive money in your account after the night of your data migration. Until then it will be blocked. If someone transfers the money to you until the night of your data migration, it will be returned to the sender and you won't get it. Nor will you be able to replenish these accounts to the ATM until the night of your data migration.

  • During the night of your data migration will transfer the balance of your funds to your new account.

  • Should we receive a payment with your previous account number within the first three months after the data migration, we will correct it automatically within the next business day and transfer the money to your new account. However, if a payment with your previous account number will be received after the three-month period, the system will automatically dismiss it and return to the sender.

  • If you execute and receive international payments, from now on please use your new SWIFT/BIC code - RIKOLV2X and new correspondent banks.

  • You will be able to make extracts of transactions in your accounts yourself in Luminor|DNB internet bank, including historical transactions for 3 year period before migration of your data. You have to create an account statement for the new account containing letters RIKO. For a longer period, you'll be helped to create it in our customer service centre. 
  • ​If your employer has provided a special offer for Luminor services so far, you can find out about the current offer after the data transfer with the company`s HR department. 
  • Bērnu krājkontu turpmāk vecāki varēs redzēt Luminor|DNB internetbankā tikai tādā gadījumā, ja vecāki pieteiksies kā lietotāji paša bērna internetbankai. To ir iespējams izdarīt jebkurā no klientu apkalpošanas centriem.

Payment cards

Receive the new Luminor payment card instead of each of your Maestro/ Mastercard by mail. Place it in the wallet immediately after the receipt to ensure that it is available immediately after the night of transfer. Use your current card by that time.

  • If you have used the card for transactions during the last half of the year, instead of each such payment card, you will, free of charge, receive:
    - Instead of Maestro/ Mastercard Debit – Visa Debit payment card without free design;
    - Instead of Mastercard Credit – Visa Classic credit card;
    - Instead of Stockmann Mastercard and PINS credit card – Visa Classic Revolving credit card with travel insurance;
    - Instead of Mastercard Gold – Visa Gold Revolving credit card with travel insurance;
    - Instead of Mastercard Platinum – Visa Infinite credit card.
  • Please read the price list of each card, since it differs from the price list of Maestro/Mastercard.
  • We will send the new payment card to the address you have specified in Luminor|Nordea Internet bank. Verify if the address is correct. If necessary, change it!
  • If you have not received your new card by mail within two weeks prior to the specified data migration date, write us via Internet bank or call +371 67 17 1880
  • The PIN code of the new card will not be changed - it will remain the same as for the one you use currently
  • The card will be activated automatically, as soon as you confirm the first transaction with your PIN code at POS terminal or any ATM.
  • The card has contactless function, which is automatically activated after the first transaction, verified with PIN code. If you wish so, you may turn off this function in Luminor|DNB Internet bank.
  • You will be able to use Luminor|DNB internet bank to activate on-line purchases, review the PIN code of your card, if you have forgotten them, as well as connect SMS messages on card transactions.
  • Please take into consideration that in future you will not be able to change the granted PIN code in ATM.
  • For the transaction limits of the respective card and commission fees, in the event of change thereof, see the pricelist. If you wish to change them in long-term, write an application via Luminor|DNB internet bank or visit our customer service center. You can change limits for a single transaction by calling on +371 67 17 1880.
  • Cash withdrawal and cash depositing at the ATMs of Citadele bank free of charge will not be available with the new Visa payment card. In future, you will be able to withdraw cash and deposit cash free of charge only at the ATMs of Luminor bank within the framework of the limits indicted in the pricelist for the particular card.
  • Until then, use the existing card.

Additional information on credit cards

  • If you have had a Stockmann Mastercard earlier – the new card will no longer entitle you to the advantages of a Regular Stockmann Customer. To receive them in future, you must address the Customer Service department of Stockmann.
  • If you have had a PINS credit card – you will no longer be able to collect PINS points with the new card. The collected points will be available to you on your PINS account for three years after the moment of receipt thereof (follow the balance of your points www.pins.co in the “My account” section and/or PINS mobile application).
  • For the new Visa Classic Revolving, Visa Gold Revolving and Luminor Visa Infinite:
    The settlement of credit limit amounts – after the data migration, you no longer need to perform mandatory monthly payment for the credit limit used – instead of that, you will have to pay annual interest rate on the loan for the used share of the loan in accordance with the pricelist.
    ​Interest-free period – The interest free period after the data migration is the same for all customers - you will have to return the spent amount of the credit limit to the account until the date indicated in the pricelist. If the sum is not paid into the account, the annual interest rate on the loan shall be applied in accordance with the pricelist.

Internet bank

Hereafter you will have LuminorIDNB internet bank. You will be able to log in to the Internet bank with new and convenient authorisation tool – mobile application Smart-ID. During the first login, you will also need the current code calculator or Codes application. Save them!

  • Read instructions how to log in to Luminor|DNB Internet bank fo the first time here. We suggest doing that on the full version of the Internet banking service at least one week prior to the transfer of your data. Please note that all products and services will only be visible in internet bank after the data migration.
  • Username will remain the same as the one you currently use in Luminor|Nordea Internet bank, unless we have informed you of a new one.
  • If you don't have a smart phone or don't want to use Smart-ID, you can visit our customer service center and get a new code calculator for price in accordance with pricelist.
  • If earlier you selected different rights mode for each account (informative of one and full for another), then in the future all accounts will have full internet bank  use mode.
  • Make sure you have approved all payments as well as there are no planned payments after that date, as we will not transfer them to Luminor|DNB internet bank.
  • We will keep your personalized payment templates. Please check them and specify the recipients, whose accounts contain letters “NDEA”, if their account numbers have not been changed to letters “RIKO”.
  • By default, the following payment limits will be available in Luminor|DNB internet bank. If you want to change limits, visit the customer service center.
  Default limit Maximum limit
Transaction limit 75 000 EUR 1 500 000 EUR
Daily limit 75 000 EUR 1 500 000 EUR
  • If you have used Luminor | Nordea internet bank only in restricted mode so far, you will still have all the options available at Luminor | DNB internet bank, except sending messages to the bank and applying for new services. 
  • If you have been a user of company`s internet bank so far, you can easily access it by switching to company`s profile in Luminor|DNB internet bank. Read more about the most important changes for companies.
  • Please read recommendations for more convenient daily use of Luminor|DNB Internet bank after the data migration.


Standing orders for regular payments and agreements for the automated settlement of bills, signed with Luminor, will continue to work as previously

Moreover, in these agreements:

  • The account number, from which the money is transferred will be automatically changed to the new number
  • If the recipient’s account number contains letters “NDEA”, we will automatically change it to the new account number


You are offered a package of services for a monthly fee, which provides for the use of different services without additional separate charges

  • If you previously were using:
    - Customer package – you will have Basic package.
    - Customer package PLUS – you will have Comfort package.

    New packages will consist of all your current services, as well as without any additional charges you will be able to use:
    - SMS messages on the transactions in the account linked to your payment card.
    - Unlimited number of regular payment orders in EUR currency to any bank in Latvia.
    - Unlimited number of regular automated payment agreements.
  • If you were not using a service package previously, but you have a debit card, you will be offered Luminor Basic package
  • If you were not using a service package previously, and you do not have a debit card, you will be offered Luminor Mini package
  • Learn about all Luminor packages. Should you wish to make changes after the data migration, you will be able to do it easily in Luminor|DNB Internet bank
  • The package fee will be charged to your accounts at the beginning of the month for the previous month.

Term deposits

All of your term deposit agreements will also be transferred and will continue on existing terms.

  • From now on, each of your term deposits will have an IBAN account number.
  • All term deposits will be displayed on Luminor|DNB internet bank right after the migration of your data.
  • If you receive interest on the monthly deposit balance, it will be paid out at the beginning of the month for the previous month.


All your credit obligations will be transferred to the new system. Note that changing your current account numbers also changes your credit repayment account.

  • Make sure that your money goes into your new account after the migration of your data. Note that if it arrives earlier, the money will be returned to the sender.
  • You will be able to see your current credits on Luminor|DNB internet Bbnk the day after your data migration.
  • If another borrower is linked to the loan contract, or another person is performing loan payments instead of you, do not forget to inform them on the new account number.

Financial instruments

  • Each of your financial instrument’s accounts will have changes in the account number – the symbol “-” will be removed.
  • You will manage your financial instruments account on Luminor|DNB internet bank.
  • A financial instruments transactions confirmation document will be available on Luminor|DNB internet bank for transactions starting from the year 2016. If such confirmation is required for a transaction made earlier, please apply for it by submitting an application on Luminor|DNB internet bank.
  • To ensure that the transfer of financial instrument accounts occurs successfully, the execution of orders for the transactions with financial instruments on Luminor|Nordea internet bank will be suspended for a week prior to the indicated transfer date:
    - We will renew the acceptance and execution of these orders on the date after the night of transfer on Luminor|DNB internet bank;
    - We invite you to apply for Luminor Investor trading platform to avoid this interruption already today. You can apply by filling out an application form, and transferring your securities to the platform free of charge. The orders on the platform will be executed without interruptions.
  • During the aforementioned period, the orders with the validity period of one week prior to the indicated date of transfer and after that will not be executed as well. These orders will have to be drawn up again by using Luminor|DNB internet bank.
  • After the transfer of data, the standing Fund purchase orders, as well as orders of fund changes managed by Nordea Asset Management, will be no longer available.
  • Along with the transfer of data, the procedure for the calculation of commission fees for the storage of financial instruments will change – in future, the value of debt securities will be evaluated on the basis of their market value, instead of the previous evaluation based on nominal value.

Additional information, if you currently own both RIKO and NDEA accounts

After the migration of your data you will be able to see all services in one place in LuminorIDNB Internet bank, as well as you may continue to use your existing service package (Mini, Basic, Comfort, or Gold)

Internet bank

  • If you currently are using Luminor|DNB Internet bank, you will continue to use it also after your data migration and you will be able to see all the services, including new accounts and new cards in one place

- Username and authentication means will remain the same, as you are currently using
- Log in to your Internet bank with the mobile application Smart-ID as well

  • Upon first connection to the internet bank, we invite you to use the full version. If you are an internet bank user for another customer (including a company), during the first use, you will have to accept that you agree to work with the internet bank of the indicated customer – only then you will be able to switch to it in your mobile bank.
  • If you do not have Luminor|DNB internet bank, but used Luminor|Nordea - read more here.


  • You will continue using the current service package (Mini, Basic, Comfort or Golden). Your may see the services contained in your package at Luminor Pricelist
  • All additional services, which will not be included into your current service package after the migration of your data, will be additionally charged in accordance with Luminor Pricelist
  • In case of necessity you may always change the packages in Luminor|DNB Internet bank (under Accounts > Cards > Packages) or at any customer service centre

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