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What measures are you taking in connection with COVID-19?

We are taking all safety measures required to protect the health of our employees and customers and prevent the spread of COVID-19. We have adapted our daily work by paying special attention to disinfection of our offices and customer service centers, as well as by limiting face-to-face meetings in order to promote social distancing.

To avoid spreading COVID-19 we suggest our customers to use remote services.

Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania have declared states of emergency. What does that mean?

Declaring a state of emergency helps governments be better prepared and deal more efficiently with the situation at hand – in this case containing the spread of the virus. We are following all instructions and recommendations to assist in this and to protect or employees and customers while ensuring the continuity of our services.

Is there any impact on banking services like cards or payments?

The situation has no impact on cards or payments. We are asking our customers to use remote services, as we are providing only critical banking services at branches that cannot be provided remotely. These include issuing access to the internet bank, making payments and signing necessary documents. Currently, we provide financial advice on the bank services remotely.

How should bank customers be prepared?

We are advising everyone to follow the recommendations issued by our health authority: wash your hands thoroughly, using soap; maintain a distance 2 meters from people; use disposable tissues; and stay at home if you are sick. To reduce the possibility of the spread of virus, we invite you to minimise the use of cash and to use your payment card for payments instead, especially the contactless payment function. If you are using cash and ATMs, we recommend you disinfect or wash your hands afterwards.

Are you restricting your activities?

We have adjusted our organisation of work and are utilising remote work options as much as possible. Our CSCs are open, but at them we are only providing services that cannot be provided remotely, and we are urging our customers to use digital services. We will proceed based on how the situation unfolds and in accordance with recommendations and instructions from the relevant authorities. We will keep our customers informed of any updates.

Would you recommend arranging to have a supply of cash?

Card and payments services are operating as usual, so there is no need for any special arrangements regarding cash. On the contrary: we recommend using more of our digital services and card payments.

How are your call centre and consultations operating?

We have increased the number of employees and business hours of our remote customer service channels, however, we ask you to be understanding in a situation, where you have to wait for the connection longer, or where the provision of answer requires more time than usual. We invite everyone to check section frequently asked questions before you call, to find out whether the answer is already available on the website.

Are there any changes in services?

We are providing the full range of everyday banking services, but we ask our customers to use remote services as much as possible. Also, some services may take longer than usual. But we are happy to provide a full range of consultations over the phone or on a video call. 

How can I get a new payment card?

Order a new card via the internet bank

Have there been any changes in insurance terms?

The terms have not been amended. If you have any questions, please refer to the existing terms, which you will find on our website. Please note that the General Exceptions to the Insurance Terms and Conditions (applicable to all risks covered by the Terms and Conditions) state that the Insurer is exempt from the obligation to pay the insurance indemnity if the occurrence of the insured risk is related to an epidemic or pandemic (Section IX, paragraph 2.1 of the Rules).

What should I keep in mind when visiting customer service center?

All our customer service centers are open, but we strongly advise to carefully evaluate the necessity of leaving your home every time and use remote services. We strongly recommend you to use all hygiene recommendations during the visit and keep the distance, as well as take into consideration the fact that, given the emergency situation regulations established in the country, only five customers may be present at the customer service centre at the same time.

Customers, who have been abroad during the last 14 days, are COVID-19 patients or have been in contact with such persons, are prohibited to visit customer service centre in person.

What about the opening hours of customer service centers?

All our customer service centers are open, but we strongly advise to carefully evaluate the necessity of leaving your home every time. If you have decided to come to our customer service center, visit our website or Facebook profile, to find out information about the current working hours and accessibility of services.

Are ATMs working normally?

Yes. There have been no changes to our ATM working hours. Please bear in mind that ATMs are often located in stores or shopping centres, which may change their own opening hours. Check the opening hours of the store or centre where the ATM is located on their website to make sure there have been no changes. 

What about advisory meetings that have been booked?

We are cancelling all meetings that are not crucial for the signing of documents. All advisory meetings will be held via a video call or over the phone. Apply for consultation here.

What to do if I have problems to pay monthly fee for my loan?

Please contact us by sending a message via internet bank, if you have any worries regarding payment difficulties. We will look at all cases individually and find the most suitable solution for every customer. More information here.

Please check our Q&A for legal persons

I have a question about leasing payment
How will COVID-19 pandemic affect pension funds?

The main objective of Luminor pension plans is to ensure long-term profitability, which, definitely, cannot exclude short-term fluctuations and decline in the value of the portfolio. Short-term fluctuations are a normal constituent of the investment process. 

Luminor fund managers have reduced the risks of all portfolios at present. Securities managers are continuing active monitoring of the situation by keeping limited number of shares in the investment portfolios and are ready to act to reduce the potential risks in pension investment portfolios.

Should I withdraw the funds I have accumulated in my pension fund now?

Shot-term fluctuations and reduction in the value of the portfolio are a normal constituent of investment process. If you are ready to accept short-term fluctuations and receive higher profitability in longer term, it is worth waiting, since fixing a loss might not be the best of choices. Pension managers are continuing active monitoring of the situation by retaining limited amount of shares in the investment portfolios and are ready to act in order to reduce pension portfolio risks as much as it is possible.

Should I transfer my money to another pension fund?

Shot-term fluctuations and reduction in the value of the portfolio are a normal constituent of investment process. Furthermore, turmoil on the financial markets equally affect all asset managers and all pension plans. Investment managers of Luminor are continuing active monitoring of the situation by retaining limited number of shares in the investment portfolios and are ready to take action in order to reduce risks in pension investment portfolios as much as possible.


Not only user number, but also personal ID number must be entered to connect to the internet bank now

Now it is required to enter the personal ID number as well, when using Smart-ID to connect to the internet bank. This is done to improve the safety of authorization and prevent the risk of fraud.
The entered data are stored in the cookies of the web browser or application, thus, if you have entered the personal ID number once, during next connections to the internet bank from this web browser or application, you will no more need to enter your personal ID number. If you connect to the internet bank from another web browser or application, or if you have deleted cookies on your computer of smartphone, you will have to enter your personal ID number again.

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