What are the advantages of the Luminor Black card?

Luminor Black is a universal payment card available with or without a credit limit. The card is convenient and safe for everyday use and when travelling. The Luminor Black card includes:

  • Travel insurance for you and your family, which includes travel in the country of residence further than 50 km from home.
  • 180-day purchase insurance that covers repair or reimbursement.

For an additional fee you can receive:

  • Priority Pass membership card, giving access to over 1,000 airport lounges.
  • The Security+ service, which provides extra protection in case of card theft and certain types of fraud.

Like all our cards, you can add Luminor Black to your digital wallet.

What is included in the Luminor Black package?

The price of the Luminor Black package is EUR 5.50/month. It includes:

  • 1 Luminor Black card without a fee, covering your everyday needs.
  • 1 Luminor Debit card without a fee.
  • Unlimited euro transfers in the internet bank.
  • Unlimited automatic payments (including automatic bill payments).
  • Unlimited number of current accounts.
  • Free PIN change at Luminor ATMs (in your country of residence).
  • The possibility to subscribe to an SMS service (for account balance changes on the card included in the package) with a reduced fee of EUR 0.06 per 1 SMS. The SMS service can be applied for in the My cards section of the internet bank.
  • Free cash withdrawal of EUR 400 per month from any ATM worldwide + EUR 1 200 per month from Luminor ATMs in the Baltics.
  • Travel insurance (including domestic) for the whole family with coverage up to EUR 300,000.
  • 180-day purchase insurance. Find more details on the insurance coverage here.

What is the credit limit for the Luminor Black card?

Luminor Black comes with an optional credit limit starting from EUR 600 with an interest free period of up to 45 days.

What is the cash withdrawal limit for the Luminor Black card?

The free cash withdrawal limit is EUR 400 per month from any ATM worldwide* + EUR 1 200 per month from Luminor ATMs in the Baltics. For more information, please see our price list.

*Certain ATMs abroad may charge an ATM fee, notifying about this on the ATM screen. To withdraw money without a commission fee, please use another ATM network.

How can a new customer apply for the Luminor Black package?

When you become a Luminor customer, you can also apply for the Luminor Black package. You can easily do it remotely or in person at our customer service centres with prior appointment by calling +371 67 17 1880.

Do all customers need to choose a package?

Yes, every customer who has opened a current or savings account must choose one of the three packages: Luminor Black, Luminor Debit or Minimum service charge.

How do I change my package, and will a commission fee be withheld for this?

If you think another package is better for you, fill in the application form in the internet bank to change your package, and it will take effect the next day. There is no charge for changing your package.

If over the course of a month I choose to switch from my current package to Luminor Black package, for which of these will the fee be charged?

If you switch packages, the commission fee (for the month in which the change takes place) will be charged for the most expensive of the packages used.

When do I have to pay the monthly fee for using the package?

We will charge your account on the 2nd of each month for the previous month.

What is the fee for services not included in the Luminor Black package?

Fees for services outside the selected package are charged in accordance with the bank's pricelist.

Why was a fee charged for both the card and another package when ordering a Luminor Black card?

If you apply for a Luminor Black card in the internet bank, don't forget to also apply for a Luminor Black package to get all the benefits of the package for a single price. If you only apply for the Luminor Black card, a fee will be charged for both the Luminor Black card and your previously selected package.

Will there be a fee for making payments at a customer service centre?

Yes, a fee will be charged for payments made at customer service centres in accordance with the bank's pricelist. Payments included in the package are free of charge if made via the internet bank or mobile bank.

How can I get the Luminor Black card travel certificate?

Travel insurance is activated with the activation of your Luminor Black card, and you do not need to enable anything separately. However, if you require a travel certificate, you can request one by sending an application in the internet bank under Messages / New application / Application from template / Application for a travel insurance certificate. If you are travelling with your family, please also include the name and personal identity number of your family members in the application so that they can be included in the certificate.

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