What is the credit restructuring?

In situations where the company has experienced financial difficulties as a result of which the company is unable to meet the terms of the credit agreement in a timely and/or full manner, Luminor offers to restructure the credit liabilities. The purpose of the restructuring is to help the companies to overcome the financial difficulties, to restore the company's solvency so that the company returns to the terms of the credit agreement.

How is the credit transaction restructured?

The company addresses the bank with a request to restructure the company's credit liabilities. Luminor specialists in cooperation with the company's representatives will analyse the causes of financial difficulties and the company's ability to overcome them. As possible solutions, Luminor offers various relief from credit agreement obligations during the period of overcoming financial difficulties, such as deferral of principal payments, review of the credit agreement term, cooperation between Luminor and the company with respect to realization of the collateral, etc. Restructuring is possible if the company cooperates with Luminor and the company has a viable action and financial plan to restore the company's solvency.

Where to inquire about the possibilities of restructuring a credit transaction?

We invite you to contact your client manager.

What are the benefits of restructuring a credit transaction?

The company has overcome financial difficulties, restored solvency and is able to successfully continue economic activity.

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