What are the advantages of the Visa Gold credit card?

The prestigious Visa Gold credit card includes Travel Insurance for you and your family, Purchase Insurance, providing a compensation in case of damages or theft. In addition, you will also receive a Priority Pass, which gives access to more than 1000 airport lounge areas. With Visa Gold, you will be able to not only book and rent cars but also receive special discounts in Hertz car rental and special offers in the Visa Luxury Hotel Collection hotel network.

What cards are included in the Gold Package?

Monthly fee for the Gold Package covers one monthly fee of the Visa Gold credit card and monthly fees for unlimited number of Visa Classic, Visa Debit and Visa Debit Galactico debit cards. The Gold Package is not offered to new customers.

What type of payments are covered by the Gold Package?

The Comfort Package covers an unlimited number of SEPA euro payments within Latvia and Europe submitted via Internet bank, as well as international and currency payments*. In addition, contracts for unlimited number of regular payments and regular payments of bills can be registered to ensure that your bills would always be paid on time.

*With standard execution speed and type of service fees “Shared” (SHA)

How can a new customer apply for the package?

A new customer cannot apply for the Gold Package. Up-to-date information about packages can be found here.

Do all customers need to choose a package?

Yes, every new customer who opens a current account or savings account must choose one of three package types - Mini, Basic, or Luminor Black.

How do I change my package and will a commission fee be withheld for that?

If you believe a different package fits you better, fill in an application to change your package on the Internet bank, and the change will take effect starting with the next month. Change of package is free-of-charge.

When is the monthly fee for usage of the package due?

We will withhold the monthly package fee from your account between the 2nd and 4th date of each month, covering the previous month.

What fees are payable for services not covered by the Gold Package?

Commission fees for services not included by the chosen package are withheld in accordance with the Price List of the Bank’s services.

Will a commission fee be charged for making payments at Customer Service Centres?

Yes, a service fee in accordance with the Price List of the Bank’s services is charged for making payments at Customer Service Centres or at the Contact Centre. The payments covered by the package are free-of-charge if made via Internet bank or mobile bank.

What is the cash withdrawal limit for cards in case of choosing the Gold Package?

Cash withdrawal limit does not depend on the chosen package type. Cash withdrawal conditions as stated in the Bank’s Price List remain in effect for all cards.