The list of companies, which are contracted by Luminor (Processors)

Luminor Bank AS Latvian branch

Controller: Luminor Bank AS Latvian branch, Reg. n. 40203154352

Name of processor Registration number The nature of services provided
SIA Worldline Latvia 40003072814 Financial services in the field of payment card transactions and payments
SIA "Mailigen" 40103708475 Customer information services
SIA "Lattelecom BPO" 40003754567 Customer information services
UAB “Itema” 300155306 Customer information services
SIA "Mega Sargs" 40003575463 Security services
SIA "Mailmaster" 40003266519 Postal services
Synopticom UAB  300650435 Poll services
SIA "Silence" 42103035757 Security and legal services
SIA ''Clean R'' 40003682818 Media destruction services
SIA "Sergel" 40103183181 Customer information services
SIA "" 40103240056 Mobile marketing services
Questback Oy 1485314-3 Market research services
Nets Estonia AS 10452335 "3D Secure" services for online payments
Jānis Vanags   Legal services
If P&C Insurance AS Latvijas filiāle 40103201449 Mortgage insurance administration services
SIA "Gelvora" 40103837691 Debt collection services
Unifiedpost AS 40003380477 Invoicing services
SIA Fancom Systems 40003378538 Video prevention services
EVRY CARD SERVICES BALTIJAS FILIĀLE 40103476464 Payment card manufacturing services
Dokobit UAB 301549834 Signing of documents by e-signature
AS "DIGITAL MIND" 40003761569 IT services
AS BAO 40003320069 Media destruction services
Baltic Amadeus UAB 110320619 IT services
SIA "ATEA" 40003312822 IT services
AS "Kredītinformācijas birojs" 40103673493 Information services
AS Arhīvu Serviss 40103311289 Archiving services
SIA "TRANSCOM WORLDWIDE LATVIA" 40003573369 Call centre services
AS  "G4S Cash Services Latvia" 40003548982 Cash services
SIA "CREFO Rating" 40003807493 Information services
Luminor Līzings SIA 40003348054 Coresponding services (incl., marketing services, business portfoli management, legal services, real estate services and other)
Luminor Latvijas atklātais pensiju fonds AS 40103331798
IPAS Luminor Asset Management 40003699053
Luminor Līzings Latvija SIA 40003659898
SIA Salvus 40103223713
SIA Salvus 2 50103254931
SIA Salvus 3  40103261113
SIA Salvus 4  40103588074
SIA "Promano Lat" 40103235197
SIA "Trioleta" 40103565264
SIA "Realm" 50103278681
SIA “KleinTech Services”  40103351879 Invoicing services
SIA "Rīgas apsardze un partneri" 50003595141 Securitu services
Microsoft Ireland Operations Ltd. IE8256796U To ensure the operation of the controller
"Verifone Baltic" SIA 40003385807 Payment card services
Nordigen Solutions SIA 40103982535 Lending services
Nordea Bank AB (publ) 516406-0120 To ensure the operation of the controller
DNB Bank ASA 984 851 006 To ensure the operation of the controller
Impero Lex SIA 40103442699 Debt collection services
AS Emor 10076576 Poll services
Zvērinātu advokātu birojs "Fogels, Vītols un Paipa"    Legal services
SIA “Fintecor” 40203181134  IT services (data warehouse)
Autentica SIA 40003989378 IT services
Addendum Solutions, UAB 302312642 IT services
Atominės konsultacijos UAB 304834468 IT services
Avalanche Laboratory OÜ 14175080 IT services
Claranet Srl IT09725520969 IT services
Cloudstream Global Limited 10423022 IT services
Icefire Finance OÜ 14069857   IT services
SWH SETS 40003524397 IT services
Tieto Lietuva UAB 111674122 IT services
Wipro Limited 20800 IT services
CGI Eesti As 10006966 IT services
Synergy Global Financial Solutions 202753358 IT services
Data Domain Wierzcholski & Kulpiński sp.j. PL 7971899165 IT services
MB Anversas 304695716 IT services
SIA “Tieto Latvia” 40003193130 IT services
Emergn AS 40003275598 IT services
SIA "ADVENTUS SOLUTIONS" 40003508532 IT services
SIA “TNS Latvia” 40003162446 Poll services
Fair Isaac Germany GmbH   IT and cloud services
Wizon OÜ 12570796 IT services
Nortal AS 10391131 IT services
SIA "TestDevLab" 40103486142 IT services
Asset Pool AB 559080-3754 Scoring model development services
Saxo Bank A/S   Depository services, trading in financial instruments
Tata Consultancy Services Netherlands B.V. Eesti filiaal   IT services
Uptime OÜ 10308733 IT services
SIA "SEMTEXX" 40103388091 IT services
Bizagi Deutschland GmbH HRB 107887  Cloud services
SIA “Collecting house” 40103332596 Legal services
Andis Grambergs   Legal services
Ondato UAB 303342439 Assistance in remote customers onboarding process
ERGO Life Insurance SE Latvia branch 40103336441 Insurance services
BALTA, Insurance Joint-stock Company  40003049409 Insurance services
Gjensidige ADB Latvia branch 40103595216 Insurance services
Compensa Vienna Insurance Group ADB Latvia branch 40103942087 Insurance services

Luminor Lizings SIA

Controller: Luminor Lizings SIA

Name of processor Registration number The nature of services provided
Luminor Bank AS Latvian branch 40203154352 Corresponding services, marketing and sales, legal services
Luminor Liising AS 10237140 Marketing and sales, legal services
Luminor Lizingas UAB 111667277 Marketing and sales, legal services
CREDITREFORM LATVIJA, SIA 40003255604 Debt collection services
Unifiedpost AS 40003380477 Invoicing services
SIA "VEĢU AUTO" 40003501905 Property storage, sales
SIA "SILENCE" 42103035757 Debt collection and legal services
SIA "Yell Black" 40203116952 To ensure the operation of the controller
AS "Tieto Estonia" 10137025 To ensure the operation of the controller
SIA "IIZI Brokers" 40003349492 Insurance services
SIA "Zalaris HR Services Latvia" 40003885017 To ensure the operation of the controller
AS "TRIMEN TRACTORS" 40003638330 Property storage, sales
SIA "Favorit West" 40003921821 Financial services
"3 STEP IT" SIA 40003717838 Financial services
AS "LYTAGRA" 50003027691 Financial services
AS "WESS" 40003056294 Financial services
AS "WESS Select" 40003609098 Financial services
SIA "AD REM AUTO" 50003051551 Financial services
SIA "Agritech" 40103246129 Financial services
SIA "AMAZONE" 46103001507 Financial services
SIA "Amserv Krasta" 50003472881 Financial services
SIA "AMSERV MOTORS" 40003403905 Financial services
SIA "Andre Motors" 40103997615 Financial services
SIA "ARDALA" 42103017747 Financial services
SIA "Auto Blitz" 40103457637 Financial services
SIA "Auto Welle" 51503066191 Financial services
SIA "AUTOFAVORITS" 40003222622 Financial services
SIA "AVAR AUTO" 50003623341 Financial services
SIA "DOMENIKSS" 40003363354 Financial services
SIA "H33" 40003168256 Financial services
SIA "Inchcape Motors Latvia" 40003073379 Financial services
SIA "INTRAC Latvija" 40003227920 Financial services
SIA "ITR" 40103037567 Financial services
SIA "IVABALTE AGRO" 40103181570 Financial services
SIA "KARLO MOTORS" 40003567339 Financial services
SIA "KONO" 40003275189 Financial services
SIA "Krone ScanBalt" 40003526769 Financial services
SIA "Moller Auto Latvia" 40003055104 Financial services
SIA "Moller Auto Ventspils" 41203010445 Financial services
SIA "Moller Auto" 40103847187 Financial services
SIA "NORDE" 40003242722 Financial services
SIA "Rent IT Computers" 40003970633 Financial services
SIA "SKANDI MOTORS" 40003532750 Financial services
SIA "Stokker" 40003226944 Financial services
SIA "TC MOTORS" 40003387085 Financial services
SIA "TEHAUTO LATGALE" 41503027578 Financial services
SIA "Autobrava" 40103325594 Financial services
SIA "BALTIJAS AUTO CENTRS" 40003560881 Financial services
SIA "DOJUS Latvija" 40103315280 Financial services
SIA "Dotnuva Baltic" 43603041881 Financial services
SIA "FORUM AUTO" 40003930147 Financial services
SIA "Green Motors" 40203013086 Financial services
SIA "IMA Signāls" 45403027008 Financial services
SIA "KOMUNALTEHNIKA" 40103153774 Financial services
SIA "Mile Auto" 44103091108 Financial services
SIA "Musa Motors Rīga" 40003161493 Financial services
SIA "MUSU AUTO VALMIERA" 44103080462 Financial services
SIA "Nippon Auto" 40103183529 Financial services
SIA "SD AUTOCENTRS" 42103012097 Financial services
SIA "Skandi Motors" filiāle "Liepaja" 40103183459 Financial services
SIA "TEHAUTO" 44103004011 Financial servicesi
SIA "Virenda" 40103679513 Financial services
SIA "VILLA" 40003006128 Financial services
LATRAPS, LPKS 58503007191 Financial services
Ondato UAB 303342439 Assistance in remote customers onboarding process

Luminor Līzings Latvija SIA

Controller: Luminor Lizings Latvija SIA

Name of processor Registration number The nature of services provided
Mailmaster SIA 40003266519 Postal services
SIA "Conventus Konsultativa sabiedriba" 40003428538 Legal services
Silence SIA 42103035757 Financial and legal services
Kreditinformacijas Birojs AS 40103673493 Information services
Visma Enterprise SIA 40003734170 IT services
Luminor Lizings SIA 40003348054 Corresponding services, marketing and sales, legal services, real estate services
Lattelecom Technology-Lattelecom 40003016728/40003052786 IT services
SIA CREFO Rating 40003807493 Information services
Baltijas Realizacijas Centrs SIA 40003380176 Financial services
AS Arhivu Serviss 40103311289 Archive services